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featuredcubeWhat is this?

JonMc's Tribal Cube Elves versus Goblins? Merfolk versus Zombies? Knights versus Vampires? What tribe will take it all? Countless synergies, and finally a reason to play with all of those Lords!

devblog  Maintenance Update - 23/04

We've had quite a few reports recently that Cube Tutor has been running fairly slow during peak periods. This is due to a increase in traffic (awesome!) combined with a server infrastructure that could probably do with being upgraded (damn!). Unfortunately it costs quite a bit to run a live server and we don't yet have the means to upgrade it. However we are currently working very hard on the next major functional release that will give you guys the ability to support Cube Tutor financially through something a bit more than donations whilst giving you some cool stuff in return :). More on that in a future update.

Thankfully however there is still quite a bit that can be done without upgrading the server, so hopefully we should see an improvement after this release. Nothing has changed from a functionality point of view but we would be interested to hear if you experience problems on the Cube Index, Draft or View List pages as these have changed the most under the covers.

In addition:

As ever we love to read your comments, ideas, suggestions, cube stories! Please get in touch: http://www.cubetutor.com/contact

devblog  Beta Testers Needed

Cube Tutor needs you! 

We have a number of upcoming releases that require a small amount of beta testing.  If you are interested in helping us build the best cube site ever then drop me an email on ben@cubetutor.com. 

There will be absolutely no obligation to do anything, and no arduous forms to fill in, just an opportunity to try out some new features and feed back on them if you like!

devblog  New Release! Electrolyze 1.0

I've spent the last few weeks focussing on infrastructure improvements. The site is enjoying nearly a day-on-day increase in visitors and I need to make sure that it can handle everybody. However I do have a smallish new feature set for you to (hopefully) enjoy today. Those with a keen eye will notice that the formerly named 'Cube Index' has been expanded to a larger 'All Cubes' section of the site. This gives me a bit more scope to look at cross-cube functionality in this area. New Features

  • Compare Cubes – Compare your cube to any other on CubeTutor and get a report on the card differences! Find it under 'All Cubes'.
  • Top Cards by Set – If you are struggling with which cards you should add from the latest set, this page will give you a general idea about the most popular cards. Find this under 'All Cubes' too.
  • Login with Email Address – just in case you forget your username.
  • Change Password – Through My Account.
Bug Fixes/Minor Improvements
  • Fixed styling of Getting Started page.
  • Deleting cube blog entries no longer causes an error.
  • New Featured Cube!
A relatively small release, but as ever I am constantly working to improve your experience on Cube Tutor. Please get in touch if you have any comments/ideas/suggestions!

devblog  New Release! Wildfire 2.0

Time to spread a bit more Wildfire! New Features

  • Internet Explorer Support – You can now access Cube Tutor in version 9 and up of Internet Explorer. Those of you who are familiar with web development will know that the older you go with IE, the more quirks you have to deal with. If you are using version 8 or lower then please consider upgrading, and if you can't upgrade please do get in touch and let me know. If tons of people still want to use IE8 for good reasons then I will endeavour to bring it into the fold.
  • Blog Posts without Cube Updates – You can now write a post on your blog without having to update your cube at the same time. Just login and you'll see a 'New Blog Post' bar at the top of the blog page.
  • Images in Blog Posts – You can now upload an image to accompany each of your blog posts, whether in conjunction with a cube update or not. Check out my blog for an example – www.cubetutor.com/cubeblog/1
  • Edit Blog Posts – There's a new pencil icon next to the delete icon for blog posts. You can use this to modify blog posts as you please.
  • Autocard for Blog Posts – You can now use the traditional [card][/card] tags in your blog posts. This was the Easter Egg from the previous release! Either type the tags in directly or use the '[autocard]' link. This will show the image from the card in your cube if you have it, otherwise it will show a default card image. It is not currently supported in comments or forum posts – coming soon!
Minor Updates/Bug Fixes
  • Average Cubes updated.
  • Fixed #cubetutornews feed. The Twitter API changed, requiring an update to Cube Tutor.
  • Adding missing Vindicate Judge Reward card.
  • You no longer get a nasty error when trying to load a cube deck that doesn't exist.
  • The Cube Size on the Pimp Chart now shows the total filtered size when using the filter.
  • Fixed a small UI issue on the Cube Index Filter.
  • Some minor improvements to Tag Colouring in My Account.

devblog  New Release! Wildfire 1.1

Thanks to the great feedback that you guys have sent my way after Wildfire 1.0. I've spent some time over the last few days fixing bugs and making improvements.

  • The Edit List page loads and saves a lot faster now. Instead of binding the Javascript to the tag list field and pimp field each time the page is loaded (and for every card on the screen), the Javascript is invoked lazily now, i.e. when you actually want to use it for a particular card. This means the browser is doing a ton less work to load the page and everything is a lot quicker.

  • Fix an issue where adding a tag with a non A-Z, 0-9 character sometimes caused an error (depending on the character).

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to apply a colour to a tag that had a trailing space, for example 'my tag '.

  • Removing a colour from a tag now works properly.

  • When all instances of a particular tag are removed, the colour no longer appears in the key on the View List page.

  • Added 'Misprint' and 'English' pimp options.

Keep those bug reports and feature requests coming in!